Friday, January 21, 2011

A couple of sketches.

One of the assignments is misty mawns class is to sketch what comes to mind when you read a poem. Heres the poem that goes with the one above.
"Night is bright with stars,...Silly woman whimpering: Shall I light the lamp" not sure who its by. Sorry.
This was another writing assignment in her class. On the cupboard door its reads " I am the mother hubbard of this family. I am the cupboard that feeds this family"Hope everybody has a creative weekend! I refuse to do house cleaning this weekend. Well besides the usual laundry and dishes but no mopping!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm still here,I've been wanting to post for awhile but I didnt have any art to share. I'm taking misty mawn's online workshop. Its so inspiring. This past week we learned alot about sketching. I decided I enjoy sketching so much,its so relaxing. The girl above took me four hours and I didnt even realize it was that long. I'm still kinda working on her. I think I'm happy with her face,but I still have to finish sketching her arm which you can't see in the picture. I'll take another picture when she's done. I would really like to learn how to draw figures better.So this year I decided I would attempt to sketch figures more!
And this one here is a journal page. Hope to be back sooner this time!