Sunday, November 27, 2011

Etsy Sale

Hi,I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! I did,lots of family and lots of cooking and eating and Lots to be thank ful for! I don't know about you but I decided I was going to do most of my Christmas shopping online this year,I decided this after I watched the news on friday night and found out how many people got hurt over Christmas shopping. One story I heard was a girl that got her nose broken over a 3$ pair of slippers! I thought that was so sad,it takes the meaning out of Christmas,I know you really can't avoid stores especially this time of the year but I will do most of my shopping online if I can. So anyway I'm joining in on the cyber monday fun and having a sale in my etsy shop! Just type in BLACKFRIDAY20 and receive 20% off. Stay safe and I will be back later this week,I have another fun easy tutorial in the works!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chirstmas gift bag tutorial

When I had my store I used to make these to give to people to hold their gift certificates that they purchased from me,of course being a country store I made them out of homespuns and vintage fabric but this year I'm making some artsy ones. You can use whatever material you have on hand(good way to use up some of those scraps). I used muslin that I painted alittle white onto. You will need material,string or ribbon,stamp and an ink pad. I used staz on. Cut two pieces of material 4 1/2 x 3 1/2,and about 12 inches of string. Sew the two pieces together,lay string on top and fold over about 1/4 inch over the string,sew the hem,becareful not to sew the string! Sew up the other two sides,inside out and I put a piece of cardboard inside of bag so the stamp won't go through. Stamp image on front of bag,tie a knot at the end of string and there you have it alittle gift bag perfect for gift cards. I painted my bag and added alittle details. This one is for my daughter,she's 14 so you know what she likes to do Shop,Shop and Shop. Have fun.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas ornaments.

I"ve been busy making some christmas ornaments and I'm so excited to say that they all have a new home hanging in an art gallery along with some prints of my art. Heres how it happened, I was at an arts and craft/flea market kind of show and was trying to sell some of my art. There was a singer there singing for entertainment,when he was on break he was walking around checking out all the stuff when he stopped and talked to me and said how he really liked my art and ask if I was in his sisters gallery and I said no, then he went and got his sister and she said she would love to have my art in her gallery. And you don't know how thank ful I am that it happened this way because I'm kinda of an introvert,not shy at all just like to do my own thing by myself usually and I really don't think I could of took my art into a gallery to show them my work and then have them reject it,I know it happens all the time but I take things personally usually and I wasnt ready for that rejection yet. I was happy selling online,even though I would like to sell more I was content. So thats my exciting story and I just wanted to share it. Have a great weekend!