Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little pumpkin painting...

and some pumpkin sketching. I thought a banana was hard to sketch but a pumpkin was a challenge! I know its been awhile since I was here but I really haven't painted much,I think I'm taking alittle break from it but I'm still being creative. Lately I have been all over the place with art and not really getting much done. Trying new things,being inspired by different artists. Taking a few online classes,trying to find myself,my way of doing things. I want my own style, I don't want people to look at my art and say oh she must of took a class from so and so. I want people to look at my art and say I like YOUR style,its different. You know what I mean? I visit and follow so many blogs daily and I always see everybodys unique style and thats what I want. I think the only way to find that is just keep creating,try different things,different styles, Does anybody else ever feel this way? I think thats why I don't post that much because everything I make reminds me to much of somebody elses art. Well anyway enough of my whining,hopefully I'll be back sooner then later!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm back!

Ok I know its been awhile but my son decided to give me a project that took alittle longer then I thought it would. He has a game room in his garage and bought a couple of chairs for 10.00 and ask me if I could do something to them and since his gameroom has alot of new york yankee and a few other of his favorite teams this is what I came up with. He was happy with them,I really wish I took a before picture,they had fish and shells all over them. I tried to go over the material with paint but it just wouldnt cover them up so I had to redo all the cushion with canvas material. Can you see my little helper in the background? Her name is talula bell,she was suppose to be a teacup chihuahua but she grew to 12pounds.

The other picture is a journal page that I'm now doing on canvas. She's titleed "The wonders of a sunset" Hopefully I'll have her listed on etsy within a week! Have a great week!