Friday, July 29, 2011

Yep twice in one week!

Can you tell I don't have a job anymore? LOL. I usually feel good when I post once a week but now that I have more time,I can paint more therefore I can post more. Been playing with collage,and the first one is a work in progress,now i'll add alittle collage to it,then paint and play.I'll show you the finished piece when its done,unless I mess it up. Have a great weekend. Try to stay cool,its in the triple digits down here in florida! Even the water is hot! Maybe I'll go and make some freshly squeezed lemonaide. I have the time to squeeze the lemons.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paynes gray and unidentified objects!

More time at home means more painting and more cleaning! Since I don't have my store anymore,I find myself cleaning the things that have'nt been cleaned in awhile(windows,closets,frig). The other day I went grocery shopping and as i'm putting stuff away,you know how you start shoving stuff in the frig because theres just really no more room,I decided this is stupid,I have the time,why not clean the frig so thats what I did and I found some unidentified objects in there,stuff in a country crock container that did not look like butter,things that really didnt belong in the frig and don't know who would put them in there,i.e an earring and hair under the drawer, Of course when I ask my daughter about the earring she didnt know anything about it. Lets not forget about the unopened popsicle that was now just juice with a stick that was making a nice little puddle going down the sides of the frig and when I ask my grandsons about it they at least admitting to doing it and saying they wanted the orange one not the grape one!How these things get in there I'll never know but I do know one lesson learned "clean the frig more frequently" Which I now plan to do every time I go to the grocery store!

Now on to the paynes grey,a friend of mine thats also an artist but always uses brightly colored paints made a comment about my art but in a nice way. She didn't offend me or anything but she said that the color is depressing,I on the other hand find it peaceful,relaxing,warm like the sky at night or right before a storm or a deep mysterious ocean. What do you think? Also wanted to mention that my "walk on the beach" painting was featured in a treasury on etsy,which is exciting to me. Take a look here:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where I've been and "fat man floating"

I know what you're saying I can't believe she named her painting that! But before you say anything,I didnt name it let me explain. We went to captiva island for a week and I was doing some sketching by the pool and we ment this couple,(the man that I was sketching)he finally caught on that I was sketching him and we got to talking with him and his wife and me and my husband and after spending quite abit of time with them (john and margaret) he is the one that named his own sketch,which I turned into a painting when I got home. The original sketch is being mailed to him and thats how I got the name and thats where I've been on an island soaking up the sun,finding shells,alittle sketching,spending time with my daughter, and watching beautiful sunsets. Hope everybody else is enjoying summer. School starts in less then three weeks here!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A palm tree and who needs sharpies?

This is the biggest I ever worked on. Its a 16x12 canvas. I know its not that big but for some reason canvas scares me,I think because everytime I work on one I mess it up,which I did on this one too but I just kept going. I call it my mixed media palm tree because theres so much different collage,stamping and everything else underneath the painting which you can't tell but in the picture it does show through alittle which I think makes it more interesting to view.
Hope everybody had a nice 4th of july,I did! It was so relaxing just hanging out at the beach, I really shouldnt say it was relaxing because my grandsons kept me busy playing but I did find alittle time to sketch. The fireworks were beautiful but what I found even more beautiful was these things called chinese lanterns,which are like big balls with fire in them and they just drift out into the sky, people kept letting them go one after another. Very cool looking,I don't know where they got them but I did here they use them in weddings now. Anyway for all you journalers out there, I found a great deal for some black sharpies. They are on sale at target for 1.54 now because of back to school but wait before you go make sure you go to and scroll down to where it says coupons in small letters (all the way at the bottom) and click on that and you will find a $1.00 off coupon for sharpies and print it out. Now you can get them for 54scents! Hooray! I stocked up,you can print out at least two,I also had my daughter print me out a couple. Also if you go to you can print out a magic tape coupon for a 1.00 off and the tape is on sale for a 1.00 so you guessed it,the tape is free! Perfect for stocking up for Christmas. Ok its too early to think about Christmas,but you can use it in your journals too. Well its raining here so I'm going to bake some snickerdoodles! Have a great week.