Monday, September 19, 2011

Another book and "In Beauty she walks"

Another week and another book,I love to paint but theres something about stitching the book thats so relaxing. I think because when I paint I'm constantly on my feet moving around and then when I stitch the book I'm usually sitting down sipping coffee. I think I over did it on this painting,not sure if its too busy or if I like it the way it is. I guess its kinda abstract in its own way. My company came and went,it was a nice short visit and my mom never came which was fine so I had a quiet week to paint and sew. Hope everybody else is having a good week and enjoying some cooler weather,its still hot down here,we usually don't feel a change until late october ugggg. Be back soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

finished my little book of art,making journals,and a girl and the black swan.

Not much art for me this past week,I have company coming and I have been cleaning,changing sheets,organizing my art room,getting ready. They come in tonight, and leave sunday. A short visit,then I think my mother is coming in on monday, deep breath! It will be ok,I just have to keep reminding myself.

I did get a chance to finish up my little art book. I think it would make a great little journal for poems. It has about five little paintings inside it but theres still enough room to journal. Then I finished up my last page in my store bought journal and I didnt have time to go and buy a new one so I had some paper on hand and made my own journal. I think thats what i'm going to start doing,just using what I have instead of going to buy new. After cleaning my art room,I decided I have not an another inch to store anything else! And last is my sketch of a girl and the black swan. I think I might try to put her on a canvas. Well I guess I better go and bake a cake for the company!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Been Busy...

Painting,book making and staying in my sweats until 1:00, does anybody else do that,the time goes by so quickly when you're painting,the next thing I know its the afternoon and I realize I havent showered yet,I feel like such a bum, I just tell my husband that I'm a starving artist but I'm enjoying life! Hope you're enjoying life too!

P.S You can see more pictures of my cracker jack journal on my etsy!