Monday, May 30, 2011

Problems with Blogger and "yellow polka dot bikini"

I'm loving doing this painterly style. It flows so easily for me and I get lost in a painting for hours,no stress. Usually I stress over a collage especially when its getting close to being finished. This one is titled "yellow polka dot bikini" I went to the beach with the grandsons and baby gracie over the weekend. I enjoyed watching them play and also building batman caves and pools with them in the sand. It reminded me of when I was little and my mom would let me bring my barbies to the beach.

Ok now with blogger,I was wanting to know if anybody else is having this problem. When I go to leave comments on other blogs,sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. It doesnt let me sign in. So if some of you are'nt getting any comments from me its because of that. I am visiting all of you daily. If anybody knows how to fix it,I would appreciate it,I feel bad when I don't leave comments. Hope everybody is enjoying their long weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Extreme couponing,etsy,and a couple of pages in my journal

So where have I been? I have been extreme couponing,at least trying to. It all started when I went over to my sisters house and seen all her cupboards,pantry and plastic bins in her garage filled with all kinds of food,shampoos,health stuff(like tylenol etc) deoderants,body washes,glades candles,everything you can think of,now mind you she's a single mom,unemployed,three kids,and is on food stamps,in fact I usually worry about her having enough food and stuff for her three kids. In shock I ask "Where and how did you afford to get allllllll this stuff?? I mean she could feed the whole neighborhood. And thats when it all started,she explained to me about this extreme couponing,and how most of the stuff she has is usually free or rock bottom cheap. Now I'm hooked,its fun,its cheap and I actually have some extra money to spend on art supplies. I wanted to show you an example of what I did,the picture above is 8 bottles of salad dressings, 16 ounces each and 4 boxes of pasta,and ice cream(I figured I saved so much I deserved some) and this all cost(drum roll please) $5.53. I saved 27.00,the ice cream was 3.19! I was so excited. If you want to learn more go to thats where all the information is!
Okay so now onto the art, I havent really completed to much but I have been playing around in my journal,trying to be looser with my brush strokes. The first one is "a girl on the dunes" and the second one is"the shacks". both of these were inspired from where I grew up,which is cape may new jersey. I've been listing on etsy with not much luck but I'm determined,and will keep on trying. It always seems when somebody sees something that I've done they usually want me to do some commision work for them which is good,I'm not complaining but I like it better when I'm free to make what I want to make. Anyway I'm doing free shipping on my etsy for the rest of may,just enter FREESHIPPING511 in the coupon code(all in capitols) Hope everybody has a great week and hopefully I'll be back sooner. Going to eat some ice cream now!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day....

My husband ask me why I was sad today,he said its mothers day,you should be happy. I told him I wasnt sad at least I didnt think I was. I continued with my morning and decided to sketch alittle,there was a great picture in a magazine of a lady holding an umbrella that I loved and have been wanting to sketch so after a couple of hours sketching,I started painting her and these two figures in the background,a mommy and her daughter. As I was working on it,I couldnt help but think about what my husband said "that I was sad" was I ??? I came to the conclusion that yes I was alittle sad, I wonder why? After I finished the painting,I was staring at it and I thought thats me with the umbrella all by myself and in the background,those two figures well they represent my own children(even though I have three,one still is at home) and thats why I'm alittle sad. My children are all grown up and I miss them being little sooooo much,I miss being their mommy! I know its silly, I should be happy that they grew up to be such beautiful,caring,happy,loving, individuals,not to mention that I'm blessed with being a memaw(another name for grandmom). But I can't help but to take this day and remember them being so little and to cherish and be thankful for those precious memories of them being so small,when I was their mommy! Happy Mothers Day!