Friday, August 27, 2010

Mom was down!

My mother came down for a visit,so when she comes down I put my art aside and bring out the sewing machine. She doesnt like my art,well thats not exactly what she says,she says that I should stick to my sewing and stop wasting to much time on my other art. When I told her that I sold a few pieces she said well you are getting alittle better. Ugh. Those kind of comments hurt alittle but I'm getting better with accepting the fact that not everybody is going to like my art but some will and I'm not gonna stop because it makes me happy. Anyway we had a couple of days just sewing up a bunch of things. Some of you know that I own a real country store that sells antiques,country decor and candles. And this stuff is all for my store. I love the way the pillows with the doilys came out,then theres the pin cushion and the pumpkins are made by Niki(my daughter) I'm so proud of her. She whipped up about ten of these pumpkins and I already sold three of them for her. I give her a percentege of them,that way she has a little extra spending money. Oh and the other day I came home from work and she made a bikini out of and old tshirt.
I finally had alittle time after mom left to finish up a piece that seems like I have been working on all summer,just adding alittle here and then alittle more there. Well hope everybody has a great weekend and thanks for listening to me whine about my mother.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Evidence and the Culprit. Plus an image transfer.

This is what happens everytime my grandsons come over. I find pieces of clothing heading right for the pool. They just strip down (to nothing),no time to put one of their 5 different toy story bathing suits on. They just walk in and say hey Memaw and start stripping. Next thing I know their in the pool swimming,of course mommy makes them get out and put their suits on.
The journal page is a image transfer of my daughter blowing bubbles. I took the picture because of the lighting that was coming in. It made one side of her face completely dark and the other side completely white. I then just painted the face as I saw it,and since it was black and white I made the bubble gum pink. Have a great week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rainy days and starry nights...

We had a little tropical depression come through so it was rainy for a couple of days. I enjoy it when it rains,its a nice change from the heat and plus it gives me a reason to stay home and do some art. Not that I need a reason, I think I just feel less guilty. Did a couple of journal pages. My moleskin is finished. I just love it,its so thick ,with stuff sticking out of it. This is my second completed book. I always have two or three going on at once. I really don't know why but from what I read on other blogs,I'm not the only one.
My daughter goes back to school next week. I'm always sad when she goes back. I think I just know that it means she's getting older. I always cry alittle on the first day. I know thats silly. Off to do more school shopping. Hope everybody has a great day.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back from vacation!

and the only picture I got to show you is my pile of dirty laundry. We were in orlando and at the waterparks all day so I did'nt bring my camera with me but I have lots of memories so thats all that matters. We had a great time,even though we're alittle burnt from the sun and exhausted from trying to keep up with a 13 year old and my neice who is 11. I worked in my journal alittle,did a quick sketch of a lady relaxing in the pool and another page about the beauty around us. How everyday we walk through life and not taking the time to notice the beauty around us. I hope you find something beautiful about today!