Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is titled "Innocent". I love vintage pictures of children. They look so innocent. No problems, No worries, I often think of what kind of childhood they had? Was it one to remember like their mom baking homemade cookies, reading bedtime stories, home cooked meals,sit down dinners, hand sewn dresses or was it a bad childhood with no fond memories..... My childhood was one to remember even though I'm not close to my mother now, I do remember her walking me to school,home cooked meals, family vacations, the smell of my lunchbox at lunchtime. (Even though it was usually peanut butter and jelly) but it did have a special kind of smell. I miss those innocent times when there was no mistakes made yet and you were "Innocent".


Wednesday stamper challenge

This is my "wednesday stamper" challenge. The challenge was thinking cap. Mine is titled "Vogue". I used a glazing technique then stamped over the glaze.Under the girl is a clipping that reads "vogue leading style or fashion". Sorry I take terrible pictures.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Theme Thursday Altered Card

Theme Thursday art challenge!

Hi, I've been staying home alot and doing lots of "ART". I just figured out how to post it. I'm not to good with the computer!! This is a challenge I did for Theme Thursday. Fun site. I ususally do the theme but never post them so hopefully I'm doing this right so I can keep on posting. Any way back to the art. I used a picture from Lisa's altered art,( I'm gonna be posting her link to. She has some adorable collage sheets and is the nicest. ) an old bingo card and some neat stuff from artchix studios. Thats also a great place to buy some original art supplies. I'm also proud to be a member of their group. I'm listing list tomorrow on ebay.
An update on baby "Austin" he's doing really good and we were expecting him home next week but they have to do surgery on him on friday to fix his wound. I know not to many people read this but if you are please say some prayers for him and my daughter.