Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The sweet side of summer!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sweet side of summer too! You know what I mean the fresh blueberry muffins I made last week,the sweet plum tomatoe salad to go with some grilled steaks and corn on the cobb. And we can't forget everybodys favorite the Popsicle! Remember when you were little? That was the best part of summer!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Fun! Warning! A little naked hiney ahead..

Why have'nt I blogged in so long? Well just trying to have some summer fun. I signed up for Mary ann moss's class remains of the day for a project for me and my daughter(niki) to do together. She's been bugging me to teach her how to use the sewing machine, now thats she's learned she's out of control. Besides the book shes sewing pillows, dog beds and anything else she can think of. I'll show you some pictures of the books we're doing later. You can see her at the sewing machine in action above,notice she also has the phone on her ear. I always have to concentrate when I sew. LOL .
Of course I'm also enjoying the grandkids in the pool. Its been so hotttttt. They love to ride their bikes over and then jump into the pool to cool off. And as you can see no time for potty breaks! As my husband says at least they don't go in the pool.

And also trying to find alittle time for art( I get cranky if I don't). Hope everybody else is enjoying summer!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another journal page and journal classes!

Just wanted to thank everybody who recommended some online journal workshops. I did sign up for a few of them,yes you heard right a few more then one! My husband thinks I'm addicted to online workshops.(Which I am but I won't let him know that). As I was signing up for one then another,then another, he ask me exactly what I was looking for in a workshop, I thought about it and said well I just want to paint, collage ,draw and get my feelings out and then he said "so do it" "why do you need somebody to show you how?". After telling him he just doesnt understand and then dwelling on it for a couple of days I came to realize he was right! (I hope he never reads this,I'll never live it down) After signing up for all the online workshops,I decided just to do what I want to do in my journal and now I'm happy. But I did have fun in the workshops and I did learn a couple of new techniques. I think the most important thing that I learned is to just do what you like to do whether that be just smooshing on a few drops of paint with your hands and adding random papers that match the paint and journaling some, to the more extreme where you make a whole story on a journal page. Its all up to you,have fun and let go. Will I continue to take some more online workshops?? Yep because I am addicted and they make me happy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just enough time to journal.

That seems to be all I have time for these hot summer days. Hope everybody had a nice fourth of july. I did, we celebrated a special birthday, Austin (my grandson) turned two. Then we went to the beach to watch the firework. Plus we had family come and stay with us. This is the time when I love my journal,I can always find alittle time for art in there otherwise I get alittle grumpy. Speaking of journaling I'm wanting to take a new online journal class can any of you recommend any. Thanks have a great week!