Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Full moon and Spring is on its way Really!

Everytime the moon is full it inspires me.

And so does online classes! Still sketching in Alissa Burkes online sketchbook delight class.

For all of you with snow still falling this picture is for you. Spring is really on its way,how do I know? Well just ask the boys in the pool! Personally the pool is still to cold for me its about 70 degrees but I guess when you running around outside in 85 degree weather it feels good.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Sketching!

And painting alittle!

Lately I have this obsession of sketching. Sketching everything from pencils to trees at my daughters bus stop. It actually gets alittle frustrating when you try to sketch something and you just can't like houses because you need to know how to do perspective which I bought a book on so I'm learning but lets just say its alittle harder then I thought. I also found a great site that teaches you alot and its free its I'm also taking yet another online class by alisa burke called sketchbook delight. So if you want to sketch more and stretch go and check out both.