Monday, June 28, 2010

An unusual dream and playing with crayons.

I've been busy as usual,I think when the kids are out of school I'm actually more busy! I only have my daughter left in the nest and she's 13 so I'm just trying to enjoy her because I know time goes by fast! We went away for the weekend,which was really relaxing. We had an out of town wedding but we just made a weekend out of it. I just sat by the pool all day. Of course I brought my journal with me but a sweet lady caught my ear all afternoon so I didnt get much done as far as journaling. Hope everyone else is enjoying summer! Have a great week.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gods little miracle and another journal page.

See that baby swiming in my pool,thats the same baby that we almost lost two years ago. He's just amazing, all I can say is it was all God,he is truly a living miracle! He's also very determined,he has an older brother(only nine months older) but he wants to do everything his brother does and of course he wanted to swim just like his brother but we kept saying no and one day he just jumped in and started to swim to the steps of the pool or to the wall which ever is closer. We just stood there in shock,my daughter was in the pool just in case. And ever since them he just jumps right in. We 're always there because well you never know. Any way I just wanted to share my little miracle with you. And of course theres another journal page. I have been in the mood to journal alot lately,I don't know why.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An itty bitty journal and another journal page.

Look how tiny,I just love small things! I made this over the weekend. I actually made two,one to sell and of course one to keep! I also did another journal page. Plus I even had time to play with the grandbabies. A great weekend!
Oh my gosh,I am so dumb when it comes to the computer. I was trying to add a picture,write alittle then add another picture but as usual it didnt work. Whatever!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A couple of journal pages.

Its been awhile,I know. I've been busy working,doing end of school things,not enough time for me to really finish anything,I've been doing art here and there just not finishing but I did find time to finish a couple of journal pages. I have been trying to list things on etsy,but with no success. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to sell something,anything! How often do you relist an item or do you just leave it on there till it sells? And pricing is hard to,do you go cheap so it sells or high? My etsy button I know is listed in the wrong spot,I have to fix that,its under weekly challenges if you want to check it out.Any kind of suggestions would help,thanks so much.