Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is titled "Innocent". I love vintage pictures of children. They look so innocent. No problems, No worries, I often think of what kind of childhood they had? Was it one to remember like their mom baking homemade cookies, reading bedtime stories, home cooked meals,sit down dinners, hand sewn dresses or was it a bad childhood with no fond memories..... My childhood was one to remember even though I'm not close to my mother now, I do remember her walking me to school,home cooked meals, family vacations, the smell of my lunchbox at lunchtime. (Even though it was usually peanut butter and jelly) but it did have a special kind of smell. I miss those innocent times when there was no mistakes made yet and you were "Innocent".


Heather Robinson said...

I love thinking about their lives too! You've given this sweet one a lovely piece filled with lots of interesting details.

Anonymous said...

ohh my GOODNESS! This is beautiful! The techniques you used, the colors, the picture, everything! You have to show me how you did the backround and the word innocent. I cant wait to see it in person! You are so talented.
<3 Juice

Lorraine said...

love this card and as I have young children I want them to stay innocent..we have just baked fairy cakes (I think you call them cupcakes) so our kitchen smells lovely. thanks for your comment on my coffin!!