Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A couple of journal pages.

Its been awhile,I know. I've been busy working,doing end of school things,not enough time for me to really finish anything,I've been doing art here and there just not finishing but I did find time to finish a couple of journal pages. I have been trying to list things on etsy,but with no success. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to sell something,anything! How often do you relist an item or do you just leave it on there till it sells? And pricing is hard to,do you go cheap so it sells or high? My etsy button I know is listed in the wrong spot,I have to fix that,its under weekly challenges if you want to check it out.Any kind of suggestions would help,thanks so much.


Jeannine said...

Beautiful artworks!

As for etsy, I used to relist and then realized I was lining etsy's pockets hoping to snag a sale.

I'm not an expert, but my opinion is, list things and walk away. Relist every now and then if you wish. Promote your shop where you are comfortable promoting (I'm not comfortable promoting, so I don't do much and I've never seen a difference in my sales either way) and then leave it at that.

The people who sell spectacularly well on etsy seem to make a ton of stuff and list like crazy to continually keep their offerings at the top of search pages.

You might consider artfire in addition to etsy, and you might consider offering things at different price points (originals, prints). Always, though, sell your items for what they are worth: don't undercut yourself, don't undercut others.

When I clicked the link to your etsy shop I was taken to etsy's log in page, not your shop. You'll need to fix that so we can see your shop!!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at boodzoo at gmail dot com. I'm NOT an expert, but I've done a lot of studying. :)

Best wishes to you! ♥

Diane said...

Buffy, do you know how to get your Etsy on your blog, like other bloggers do?--you know with the photos of what's for sale and right under it is the link for your Etsy store. I'm sure someone who sells on Etsy can tell you how to do it. I've missed seeing your posts. Now that that summer's settling in, you'll be able to do more art :)

Mary said...

Buffy, as I was browsing down the blogs I follow, I knew these were your even before I say your name.

I love your work, it's just beautiful, and meaningful.

A link on your blog to your shop would be good.


Marilyn Rock said...

I adore your journal pages here Buffy! Unfortunately, I am unable to advise you on Etsy. I haven't opened up a shop, there, yet and keep putting it off for some reason.
I do think the suggestion of sharing it on your Blog is super!
Hope you find your answer there.

Again; beautiful artwork here! xxoo

Martha Lever said...

Yes, I understand, I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy! I am not sure that I know how to price things properly but I do know that you probably do need to renew something everyday so you will move to the top of the search engine. Good luck!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Buffy!
Yes, isn't that a fabulous charm bracelet!!!
I am so happy to have it.

jgr said...

Hi Buffy,
I have no experience on Etsy but I DO love your work! These two are both lovely - my favorite is one on top. Beautiful!

Susan HP said...

Love your artwork, and I agree with one of your later posts that a weekend is not enough to get "life" done.
I have a friend that just started selling on Etsy. She makes absolutely beautiful journals, & I understand from her that it's hard to know how to promote & price.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Buffy,
I really like these journal pages. One of these day I am going to get my courage up to paint a whole person--not just the face. One of these days....

joyfulploys said...

Buffy, love these journal pages! I haven't tried Etsy...maybe someday.