Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another journal page and journal classes!

Just wanted to thank everybody who recommended some online journal workshops. I did sign up for a few of them,yes you heard right a few more then one! My husband thinks I'm addicted to online workshops.(Which I am but I won't let him know that). As I was signing up for one then another,then another, he ask me exactly what I was looking for in a workshop, I thought about it and said well I just want to paint, collage ,draw and get my feelings out and then he said "so do it" "why do you need somebody to show you how?". After telling him he just doesnt understand and then dwelling on it for a couple of days I came to realize he was right! (I hope he never reads this,I'll never live it down) After signing up for all the online workshops,I decided just to do what I want to do in my journal and now I'm happy. But I did have fun in the workshops and I did learn a couple of new techniques. I think the most important thing that I learned is to just do what you like to do whether that be just smooshing on a few drops of paint with your hands and adding random papers that match the paint and journaling some, to the more extreme where you make a whole story on a journal page. Its all up to you,have fun and let go. Will I continue to take some more online workshops?? Yep because I am addicted and they make me happy!


Diane said...

I also think that workshops are a great way to connect with other artists. We all help each other, and find new techniques to use in our art--I'm addicted too, and I hope they never stop!
P.S. I love this journal spread--I can see this on canvas.

Mary said...

Buffy this is a beautiful, beautiful spread!!! Love your use of cardboard on it - that is cardboard isn't it???

You know, with each class you gather just a little bit more info and inspiration to add and it becomes part of the bigger whole.

Jeannine said...

Beautiful work - I love your colors!

Having all these online classes available to us is dizzying. I've partaken of a few classes in the last year and recently decided that though I love them, I'm going to hold off on any new ones for awhile (and art instruction books too), just to follow my own heart and see where my creativity leads me.

Marilyn Rock said...

Buffy; this spread, first off, is awesome! Stunning really - just love it and it's my new favorite of yours. I really enjoy the online workshops; I learn so much and it has opened doors of new friendships. I really enjoy relaxing watching the video tutorials; it's like having my own one-on-one lesson when I want and at my own pace. As long as I make what I learn, my own, then that's what I try to do. Great post!

Carissa said...

Buffy, I love this journal page! It reminds me of the lakes near Mt. Dora for some reason. . . I love the soft figure and how emotive it all is!

I love that you're doing your "own thing" as you learn and connect w/ others. I like that aspect of being a part of a group, the connection of like minded souls! That's how i found YOU!! ♥ Sometimes men just don't understand ;P

i LOVE all of your artwork Buffy!

w/ great love,

WrightStuff said...

Us addicted girls need to stick together :) You sign up for as many as you like and keep that creativity coming!!

Amy said...

this looks so great! i love your blog and can't wait to see more!

Ophelia said...

This journal page is so incredible. Just so lush!