Monday, May 30, 2011

Problems with Blogger and "yellow polka dot bikini"

I'm loving doing this painterly style. It flows so easily for me and I get lost in a painting for hours,no stress. Usually I stress over a collage especially when its getting close to being finished. This one is titled "yellow polka dot bikini" I went to the beach with the grandsons and baby gracie over the weekend. I enjoyed watching them play and also building batman caves and pools with them in the sand. It reminded me of when I was little and my mom would let me bring my barbies to the beach.

Ok now with blogger,I was wanting to know if anybody else is having this problem. When I go to leave comments on other blogs,sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. It doesnt let me sign in. So if some of you are'nt getting any comments from me its because of that. I am visiting all of you daily. If anybody knows how to fix it,I would appreciate it,I feel bad when I don't leave comments. Hope everybody is enjoying their long weekend!


Mary said...

yeah, i was having a problem with blogger too, could not sign in, leave messages and lost my followers for a few days. everything seems okay now.

and i am really liking your "painterly" style as well. especially like this one.


Diane said...

I love this style of yours too Buffy!
And Yes! I'm having the same exact problem with blogger--when this happens I click on the option part that the comment section gives you and instead of entering with my Google account I choose the option that asks for my name and URL (blog website) and I can get it to work that way.

Theresa said...

Great one and love the title!

Ups and downs with blogger lately. Seems to be on the mend I'm hoping.

Marilyn Rock said...

Buffy; I love this painting! Your style is so uniquely wonderful and ethereal, too!

Oh; I am so frustrated with Blogger, lately, and I just was able to sign in as of yesterday. I still am having difficulties leaving comments on certain Blogs. Ugh!


jgr said...

Hi Buffy, Your painting style is lovely! I have had the same off and on problem trying to leave comments. Finally I quit my browsing program and re-opened it and that seemed to fix it.