Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just checking in and "fishing in the deep blue sea"

I know its been awhile but I've been busy trying to get the store closed and clearing everything out,almost done another week should do it and hopefully I'll have more time to paint. Or maybe when the kids go back to school because between my daughter and my grandsons I'm busier(spelling ?) then when I worked full time. The boys are into fishing now,not in the deep blue sea but just in a lake in my backyard. I think thats where the inspiration for this painting came from. Of course we have to throw every fish back that we catch but first they each need to hold it,look at it real close and then they fight over who throws it back,poor fish,we only lost one,of course I just told the boys that it was tired and it would swim away later. We also seen a 4ft alligator,which is alittle scary when its about three feet away from you. Now we look for him first before we start fishing.


Diane said...

Okay Buffy..loving this new style of yours! And boy, that sounds like fun with your gransons--someday for me?...maybe?...

ramona said...

The colors in this painting are exceptional. The fisherman's skin tone tells me that the sun is just starting to get warmer andthe blue of the sea is calming.
The addition of the sea bird adds a bit of whimsy. I love that his beak is pointing up:) Wonderful!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Loving your painting buffy! You're so lucky to live a sunny place with beautiful inspiration all around!
Thanks for the blog love my friend. :)

Mary said...

Buffy, your work is beautiful!! I remember you mentioning a comment your Mom made about your art... I wonder what she has to say now??

This piece is just wonderful!!!

Little Gracie is precious!!

an alligator...yikes!!!!