Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alone again!

Wahhhhhhhh Niki started her first day of highschool and yes I really did cry alittle. I can't help it. She's my baby and I feel like time is just going by to quickly! Actually her day was yesterday. After crying I went out to breakfast with a couple of my art friends and they brought along some tissues and listen to me whine(talk)then I felt alittle better. Today was alot better,did some art with no interuptions,baked chcoc chip cookies,cleaned the house,caught up on laundry,listed on etsy,and now I'm blogging. I think this girl can get used to being alone!


Mary said...

they grow up so fast...my girl is leaving a few weeks to back to college. Knowing how much she loves it helps a bit.

you got a lot accomplished in one day!!


Marilyn Rock said...

I love, love, love your recent art, here, Buffy! Your art has such meaning and depth - these are now two of my favorites!

They do grow up fast - our kids and grand kids! I was sad, too, particularly when my son went away to college. But; he's now back, in the area, with a beautiful wife and child - life is good and while it's different - I still miss him in the house here :) xxoo

Manon Doyle said...

Love your pieces. Buffy!!!
Ooooh!!! I can relate to you! When Alex started college a couple of years ago I cried for a whole month....yikes!!! You'll be fine.....eventually!! : P

WrightStuff said...

I haven't been by for ages and I've missed so much!! You have been so busy creating.

I can't believe my son is growing up so fast either. He will be in Year 3 (which is actually the 4th year... go figure!) when he goes back in September!

Diane said...

It really does go by sooooo fast--now you're going into the really Fun high school years ;)
LOVING these 2 new pieces too!
P.S. I just went shopping in your store :)

Faye said...

They do grow up fast. Chocolate helps alleviate the pain. No wonder you made those cookies.

jgr said...

These two are beautiful!! Oh yes they grow up fast. It seems like yesterday that my nieces were little girls-now they're all grown up and married.
Have a great weekend.

Katrina said...

Buffy I love your work and can feel it.

My eldest son is 11 and will be starting high school this year too, it does touch us, we just love their childish souls so much, the innocence...still their souls are rich with the love we give them and that is what counts and makes them into lovely people.

wanda miller said...

omg, i've been away! these are so stunning, buffy. more than beautiful. and your girl as well, watch out for the boys! :)) xo