Friday, May 30, 2008

A Thrift Store Find!

So, I've been nagging my son for a month now to help me start a blog(because I'm not so great at the computer)and finally the moment I had been waiting for "he takes an hour out of his time to help me"(Thanks Michael). I can now start to blog!!! But as I sit in front of the computer for three days now trying to think about what to blog about,where to start and nothing is coming to me so I think okay I'll create something and put it on my blog and again nothing ugggggggggg. Now in between looking at the computer and folding clothes I decide to do alittle bit of decorating with some of my thrift store finds that I hoard(I mean collect). I have a guest room that is filled to the brim with junk(great finds). (I keep the door closed so my husband does'nt see it). After I finish decorating alittle it finally comes to me I'll blog about my thrift store finds! There I did it my official first BLOG!!! Yeah!!!! Oh and I guess I better post a picture of something too. I took an old vintage white wicker handbag and made it into a unique vase for some dried roses and some fake ones. I knew I would use that handbag someday. I always buy what I like and then find something to do with it later.

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Anonymous said...

I love your display! I wish I could decorate my whole house like that. I love your blog and entry and look forward to many more!