Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cinderella!!!! UGH!

(Before the Ball) thats what I feel like! I made homemade sause at 8am,while that was simmering I cleaned the whole house(top and bottom floors) Did six loads of wash and still going.Made meatballs 32 to be exact! Walk the dogs twice already. I could'nt wait to be done so I could start createing but after I took a shower and had lunch at 3.00 I forgot that I had to make a cake for dessert so I start getting all the ingredients together and would'nt you know it I'm out of eggs so off to the grocery store I go. I'M TIRED so before the cake gets done I decide to have a cup of coffee and blog!!!! At least I got to do one thing that I wanted to. I know I won't have any more free time. Family is coming over at 6.30! Still have to bake the cake,make a salad and set the table. Oh the dryer just went off ,another load to fold!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

p.s. sorry no pictures,no time!


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