Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abundance of Beauty. 5x7 canvas.


Suz said...

I almost sent the mounted police to look for you
Where have you been?
Abundance of beauty...ah yes,
I like the hair....I actually wore it like that when I was a teenager...yeah,I'm old

Buffy said...

You're not old!Thanks for your sweet comment. My husband had surgery(just gall bladder) but of course he said it was like labor.HUH!! So of course I had to take care of him.

Diane Salter said...

Buffy!! I'm so glad you did this!! :-) I hope you keep up with your blog--you are really a very talented artist--you have to know that! Diane

Suz said...

He should only know what labor is!
Ha ha ha
glad he's home
thanks for taking care of him
he's sounds like a good man