Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a couple of portraits

I'm reading a book titled"Drawing from within" by Nick Meglin. Very good so far,anyhow I read something in that made me think(i'm a dweller) and I wanted to share. "Was it the Bat or Batter that made Hank Aaron the home run champion? The batter,of course! His point he's trying to make is "its not the materials that is going to make the drawing or whatever other thing is that you are making its the person. Practice,practice and more practice. I for one am guilty of this I always say well maybe I need better paint ,then it will come out. After dwelling on this I realized he's right its not the product,its the person behind the product.


Marilyn Rock said...

And the person behind these is doing a terrific job! Beautiful Buffy!

Diane said...

These are so good, Buffy. Just look at what you're doing, and your portraits are getting better and better, and of course it's from practice. I don't think it matters what you use to do it with either--it's just what comes out of you.

Adrian said...

Oh Buffy, you are so right. It's the practice that makes our drawings and painting pretty, but it's a hard lesson to learn. sigh. Your drawings look super!!! You are getting in some really good practice.