Saturday, January 23, 2010

A painted face and my husband!

So I decide to sketch my husband,first I have to take a picture and as you can see from the picture he's not to happy about it,its 9 oclock at night and all he wants to do is take a shower after working all day. Of course the picture comes out terrible but I really can't ask him to pose again now that hes sleeping,even though he does look better. So I continue to do the sketch for two days why two days because the same man that did not want to pose for the picture kept saying "it doesnt look like me" I finally say its time to move on,I'm not a professional,I'll try it again in a few months. So without his permission I'm posting it anyway. He really does love me even though I drive him crazy.

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Diane said...

This is good,Buffy!! I would never even try to attempt this. Is Misty teaching portrait drawings like this? I think that you really have his likeness down. Were you able to do the pictures the way that you wanted? The post looks good the way you have it.