Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Evidence and the Culprit. Plus an image transfer.

This is what happens everytime my grandsons come over. I find pieces of clothing heading right for the pool. They just strip down (to nothing),no time to put one of their 5 different toy story bathing suits on. They just walk in and say hey Memaw and start stripping. Next thing I know their in the pool swimming,of course mommy makes them get out and put their suits on.
The journal page is a image transfer of my daughter blowing bubbles. I took the picture because of the lighting that was coming in. It made one side of her face completely dark and the other side completely white. I then just painted the face as I saw it,and since it was black and white I made the bubble gum pink. Have a great week.


Mary said...

Buffy that is the coolest journal page!! love, love, love it!

When my sons were little they would swim in their birthday suits too.
We lived in a pretty private area surrounded by lots of trees. They were so slim and leggy, like frogs jumping off the diving board.

Sweet memories!!

Thanks for your prayers!!

Odd Chick said...

Wow, that is the cooolest image transfer! I love the dark/light and pink together.
thank you for suggestions about Staples and how you put things on wood. We don't have a Staples, but we have an Office Max - I'm going to try the things you suggested.

and those funny boys leaving their drawers and running to get in the pool cracked me up- it's so refreshing to see that kind of excitement over a swimming pool!

Diane said...

Buffy, this is so funny and cute!!--love it.
And love what you did with that photo!

wanda miller said...

i think we'll have tattoos for dinner tonight, now that sounded so good, hahahahah
buffy, what a great job, showing your little guys clothes on the way to the pool, absolutely darling!
and i LOVE your image you really captured it all! that would make a FABULOUS giant picture, painting or poster to hang in your it!

Martha Lever said...

WOW, that image transfer is GREAT!!! WOW I love it!!! And the little necked swimmer is precious!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your post here. The smile on your grandson's face; priceless! Love your transfer piece! Very cool! xxoo

wanda miller said...

i so get what you said about huge canvas', buffy...and alot IS so mental. i can paint so loosely on crummy paper like you said, but get that canvas out and i am still IS lesseniing on the scarier side though. i still prefer paper to paint on, i really don't care for canvas, i'm hoping that will change with time. xo

Suz said...

those rascals!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Buffy,
I got mine from our local art store. I think that Michaels carried a carving set. They are not expensive at all. I think Speedball makes them. Here is what the eraser blocks look like. It really very easy and you can do a Youtube search and you will find a how to.

jgr said...

HI Buffy,
I love your journal page! Awesome lighting and subtle texture. Pretty cute how those little ones are so uninhibited, too.

WrightStuff said...

Oh if it were only so hot that I would wish to jump into a swimming pool (clothed or not!). Unfortunately it has been raining here all week and ... I don't have a pool!

D. Glen said...

Another great image. You do strong work! Creative title as well.