Monday, September 27, 2010


Sometimes when I don't know what to paint,I'll flip through magazines and art books looking for inspiration. I also search the internet. This time I found some inspiration in an art magazine. I love this painting done by William Meyerowitz. The more I paint the more I love the work of impressionists. What inspires you? Have a great week!


Diane said...

Beautiful Buffy!--I always love your color palette and your backgrounds.

Marilyn Rock said...

This is beautiful Buffy! Again; another moving piece!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Buffy,
Yes, her work is incredible! This Doodle Marc was fun to do but was actually pretty hard to do. I doubt if I will do too many more of these! Loving the Hogwash!

jgr said...

Oh this is lovely! She has such a serene expression.

wanda miller said...

i just love this too buffy, it makes me want to learn an instrument! it is also sweet!
and you can tell me a million times that i make you smile, if that's true then i know i'm doing something right! thank you, buffy!