Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday,art,and free online course

I just wanted to share a picture of my son Michael and his beautiful girlfriend Jessica. I always post pictures of my grandsons and Niki. So this time I thought I would post a picture of them. It was Jessicas birthday this past sunday so I cooked up some ziti,meatballs,salad and of course a chocolate cake for her. Had the whole family over. I love family time.
Of course I love my alone time too!! I had lots of that this weekend so I had some time to do some art. Speaking of art theres a free online class called Art,Heart&Healing over at willowing.ning.com . We're suppose to use a little sidebar thingy but I'm not very good with those things so this is the best I can do. Go over and check it out!


Mary said...

Hi Buffy, yes your son's girlfriend is beautiful, but so is your son!!!

I still get a kick at looking at my "boys" grown into men!!!!! :)

as always love your journal pages.

Diane said...

Buffy!!--love, love, love these!!!
P.S. Can you come to my house and make a delicious dinner for me--pleeese!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Your son's smile sure lights up my screen! He's very handsome and his girlfriend looks like a beauty; great couple! Thanks for sharing with us! I love your recent artwork, too! You have such an ethereal approach to your art; I love it! xxoo

Martha Lever said...

Hi Buffy,
What a wonderful picture. You son is very handsome!

I always love your journal pages too. They are so expressive and seem to speak volumes.

I am taking LK's Point and Shoot 1,2,3 and for my 1/2 price class I did the Printed, Patterned, and Painted. I like what she does and hopefully i will get to it!! Which one are you taking?

Katie said...

I really like all your paintings- but these 2 really grabbed me. Such fun expressions and elements. very cool!