Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I know its been a long time. My days and nights have been filled with sewing christmas stuff,sewing halloween costumes,carving pumpkins, decorating the house,and buying(eating) candy.
My daughter Niki loves Jersey shore and wanted to be Snookie for halloween. So we looked everywhere for a leopard short dress and could'nt find one. Well since I can sew dolls and doll dresses I said I'll just make a dress,easy,no problem. I don't even need a pattern for this. Lets just say after 4 nights sewing, a yard of material later,catching a cold probably from exhaustion not to mention that she looked like a balloon after I was done I decided to go and buy a pattern that cost me ten dollars and the new material another ten dollars and all the zippers, elastic,ribbon and everything else I needed was another ten. So I'm now pleased to say that I finished a cute little dress that probably cost me around fifty dollars. You're probably wondering like my daughter why I didnt just give up well simple it would have drove me crazy! After all this and finishing the dress late saturday night my sweet daughter now wants to carve pumpkins. I don't want to carve pumpkins, I WANT TO PAINT!!! So I decided to paint on my pumpkin instead of carving it. With tissue up nose,hot tea by my side I finally got to paint. Pure relaxation.
Hope everyone has a spooktacular night!


Mary said...

I love your pumpkin!!!!
put your pj's on and cozy up with a warm blankie and relax!!!!

Erin Wallace said...

Your paintings are lovely! Found you through 4 Rooms, so glad to have!

xo Erin

Diane said...

This is so funny and so familiar--after a while money is of no concern (although it actually really is) Hope you had a fun Halloween--Very cool pumpkin BTW--and feel better!

Manon Doyle said...

Love your pumpkin, Buffy. I'm with you...i would of rather painted than!

wanda miller said...

oh the memories this brings to my's all supposed to be fun not stressful, HA, we say as mothers!
very sweet pictures and i hope you are feeling much better ALREADY, alrighty, then, tee hee. xo wanda