Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paynes gray and unidentified objects!

More time at home means more painting and more cleaning! Since I don't have my store anymore,I find myself cleaning the things that have'nt been cleaned in awhile(windows,closets,frig). The other day I went grocery shopping and as i'm putting stuff away,you know how you start shoving stuff in the frig because theres just really no more room,I decided this is stupid,I have the time,why not clean the frig so thats what I did and I found some unidentified objects in there,stuff in a country crock container that did not look like butter,things that really didnt belong in the frig and don't know who would put them in there,i.e an earring and hair under the drawer, Of course when I ask my daughter about the earring she didnt know anything about it. Lets not forget about the unopened popsicle that was now just juice with a stick that was making a nice little puddle going down the sides of the frig and when I ask my grandsons about it they at least admitting to doing it and saying they wanted the orange one not the grape one!How these things get in there I'll never know but I do know one lesson learned "clean the frig more frequently" Which I now plan to do every time I go to the grocery store!

Now on to the paynes grey,a friend of mine thats also an artist but always uses brightly colored paints made a comment about my art but in a nice way. She didn't offend me or anything but she said that the color is depressing,I on the other hand find it peaceful,relaxing,warm like the sky at night or right before a storm or a deep mysterious ocean. What do you think? Also wanted to mention that my "walk on the beach" painting was featured in a treasury on etsy,which is exciting to me. Take a look here:


Diane said...

How Cool Buffy---an Etsy treasury--congratulations!!
And I agree with you--blue is a very calming color--but the most important part is--
if it makes you happy--then that's all that matters--and it becomes your own distinct style (like what Mystele was helping us with!)
P.S. love the frig story--especially the popsicle one :)

Mary said...

I think your color choices are beautiful and you know how I love "bright" color. Keep doing what you are comes from a place deep in you.

Congrats on the etsy treasury, i love this piece.

and yes i can relate to the refrigeration thing, it seems stuff multiplies in there...


Emelie said...

I do like Payne's Gray and I like Davy's Gray also that has a green look. I know what your friend meant tho, but I like that quality to some paintings of the sadness.

Cleaning the fridge, I just went and tossed a couple things from April after reading this.

jgr said...

I love the Payne's gray, also big congrats on being featured!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Kudos on the Etsy treasury. That painting deserves to be highlighted; it's one of my favorites of yours. Now; I do not ever find your use of colors depressing - in fact they calm me and leave me feeling peaceful while admiring your creative talent. xxoo

Manon said...

I love Paynes Grey Buffy and I think they are very much part of your style!! So keep using it, it is something that grabs me and I know it is you that painted it.
I have a fridge like that and we must have little gnomes that do those things because no one ever owns up to it lol.