Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where I've been and "fat man floating"

I know what you're saying I can't believe she named her painting that! But before you say anything,I didnt name it let me explain. We went to captiva island for a week and I was doing some sketching by the pool and we ment this couple,(the man that I was sketching)he finally caught on that I was sketching him and we got to talking with him and his wife and me and my husband and after spending quite abit of time with them (john and margaret) he is the one that named his own sketch,which I turned into a painting when I got home. The original sketch is being mailed to him and thats how I got the name and thats where I've been on an island soaking up the sun,finding shells,alittle sketching,spending time with my daughter, and watching beautiful sunsets. Hope everybody else is enjoying summer. School starts in less then three weeks here!


Emelie said...

A nice humerous story, you having such a good time or you did and then the painting when you got home.

The painting Feeding the Brids is a charming painting. I like your full body figures, they have movement.

Diane said...

Too funny--but great, fun painting.
It sounds like you were in paradise--the best way to enjoy this heat, and wow!-they start school early there--summers go way too fast!

ramona said...

I love this painting! I can almost smell the chlorine in the pool water, a perfect shade of pool blue.
The slight pink of the man's skin tells me he hasn't been out in the sun much and is enjoying his time in the water.
Wonderful to see the reflection of the skin tone on the water or it could be his legs underneath, either way it works. Great job!!

Marilyn Rock said...

This is great Buffy! Art and whimsy. Can't believe school starts, there, in 3 weeks. Although; it makes me think of cooler temperatures. It's ridiculously hot here. xxoo

Martha Lever said...

That really is a very cute story about the fat man floating! It sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I have never been to Captiva but I would love to go there sometimes.

Odd Chick said...

I love it! you made a friend and a sketch and a painting- what a girl!